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Our e-Learning can prepare you for upcoming courses or make sure that you maintain and enhance your knowledge and continued development after you have completed a course. We cover courses such as CompEx EX1-Ex6, EX11, EX12 and Ex14 and specialist ExVeritas courses such as Advanced Ex Inspection or courses for Ex product designers.

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What is 'Pre-Learning'?

Many of the accredited ‘CompEx’ scheme courses assume some prior knowledge or skills (all prerequisite knowledge is provided with the course details at www.exveritas.com).

Our CompEx ‘Pre-Learning’ courses exist for all CompEx Courses other than the Foundation level courses which start from the basics.

You can refresh your memory with some online training material and take some practice exams to prepare yourself for your course.

You will get pre-learning access as soon as you have booked your course.

What is 'Post-Learning'?

Most accredited ‘CompEx’ scheme courses have a certificate which is valid for 5 years. During that time a lot can change, new Standards or Regulations can become mandated after your training, so all delegates need to stay current with after the course.

ExVeritas provide free post-learning for the duration of the certificate issued.

Our Post-Learning resources include access to the relevant ExVeritas Software tools which can be used directly online (software access dependent on course).

About ExVeritas

ExVeritas have over 300 years collective experience in hazardous area inspection and certication and are an ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body and CompEx provider. We are practitioners in hazardous area safety and originally developed this software exclusively for our own in-house use.

ExVeritas becomes the world’s first fully UKAS Accredited Inspection Body for all types of Electrical Ex Inspections and Mechanical Ex Inspections using ‘iEx’ as the recording and reporting software. UKAS is the UK’s national accreditation body responsible for determining the technical competence and integrity of organisations and their compliance as an Inspection Body

Our "EXpert" support team include experienced practitioners and seven CompEx Instructors qualified to teach and assess EX01-06, EX11, EX12 and EX14. The team also includes non-electrical risk assessment specialists (MIRA) and experts in Area Classification and Explosion Mitigation.

IECEx Certification Body & Test Laboratory

ExVeritas has won many business awards for service levels, technical development and export. This includes the prestigious ‘Queens Award for Enterprise’ which is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a United Kingdom Business.

Full details on ExVeritas can be found here.